Variant Guide

This guide is a discussion on distinguishing the different variants of what are functionally the same cards. These variants are often easy to overlook because the changes between their original versions and the variant versions are subtle.

Card Templates

Before discussing variant cards, it's important to understand the nuances of FFTCG card templates. Throughout the life of the game, templating changes have been made to alter the way cards look, often with the purpose of making them easier to read or properly view the images on them. A quick summary of templating changes is described below, and each change is examined in detail below the summary.

Change First Opus/Wave Affected
Background transparency removal
Ability cost colon alignment
Opus I/Wave 2
Ability box color gradient Opus II
Job, category, and card name text italicized Opus III
Category moved to its own bar Opus IV
Meta-information border reduction Opus X


Background Transparency Removal/Ability Cost Colon Alignment (Opus I/Wave 2)

Opus 1 Wave 1 cards have a semi-transparent background, resulting in cards with white backgrounds having not-so-white backgrounds and cards with character silhouettes to have silhouettes with muddied or washed out appearances. This transparency was removed in Opus 1 Wave 2 and later sets.

Opus 1 Wave 1 cards with action and special abilities had their colons aligned with the bottom of the text. In Opus 1 Wave 2 and later sets, the colons are aligned with the center of the text.

The example below shows both of the above changes. The Wave 1 card is on the right.

/Wave 1 Guide Files/Delita.jpg

For more information about template changes between Opus I Wave 1 and Opus I Wave 2, see Wave 1 Guide

Ability Box Color Gradient (Opus II)

/Preconstructed Deck Variants/o1color.jpg->/Preconstructed Deck Variants/o2color.jpg

The ability box uses a gradient to give its color some depth. In Opus I, the gradient starts light in the center and moves to a much darker color on the edges. This results in the element symbol often appearing to bleed into the background. Starting with the first expansion (Opus II), the center color is much darker, resulting in the element symbol standing out more and less variance in the background color of the ability box.

Job, Category, and Card Name Text Italicized (Opus III)

/Preconstructed Deck Variants/o1cardnamejob.jpg->/Preconstructed Deck Variants/o3cardnamejob.jpg

When ability text originally referenced jobs, categories, or card names, the reference was surrounded with square brackets and the referenced job, category, or card name was surrounded with parentheses. Starting in Opus III, the brackets and parentheses were removed and the reference was italicized instead.

Category Moved (Opus IV)

/Preconstructed Deck Variants/o1job.jpg->/Preconstructed Deck Variants/o4job.jpg

All cards belong to one or more categories. Starting with the third expansion (Opus IV), the category was moved to its own bar above the job and type, presumably to provide more space for the category, given that some cards belong to more than one category.

Meta-Information Border Reduction (Opus X)

/Preconstructed Deck Variants/o10white.jpg->/Preconstructed Deck Variants/o1white.jpg

Starting with the ninth expansion (Opus X), the white borders around the information at the bottom left of the card and the serial number were made smaller and less "fuzzy". No reason for this change has been officially provided, but it is possible that this was done to show more of cards' artwork.

Card Variants

Opus 1 Wave 1 Variants

See Wave 1 Guide

Promotional Variants

Many variants are due to cards being re-released as alternate art or borderless (full art) promos. These variants usually come in both foil and nonfoil versions, but some are only available in one or the other. The list of promotional cards can be found by clicking here.

Errata Variants

In a few cases, cards are re-released with changes based on official errata. All known English errata variants are listed below.

  • 1-060H Leon (job errata) - found in late printings of Opus I booster packs and thus obtainable in foil and nonfoil
  • 1-176H Yuna (ability errata) - found in late printings of Opus I booster packs and thus obtainable in foil and nonfoil
  • 2-103H Kain (ability errata) - found in late printings of Opus II booster packs and thus obtainable in foil and nonfoil
  • 2-131C Paladin (name errata) - found in late printings of Opus III/FFIX starter decks and thus obtainable only in nonfoil
  • 4-082C Jessie (text errata) - found in Opus XI starter decks and thus obtainable only in nonfoil
  • 4-110C King of Burmecia (text errata) - found in Anniversary Collection 2022 boxes and thus obtainable only in nonfoil
  • 5-068L Y'shtola (text errata) - found in Anniversary Collection 2022 boxes and thus obtainable only in nonfoil
  • 6-044L Zidane (text errata) - found in Anniversary Collection 2022 boxes and thus obtainable only in nonfoil
  • 11-017H Marche (text errata) - found in Anniversary Collection 2022 boxes and thus obtainable only in nonfoil

Booster Pack Borderless (Full Art) Variants

Starting with Opus IX, foil borderless variants of some cards released for each set became available to find in booster packs, at a rarity of 1 each per master case. These variants could be of cards of any rarity except Starter, though some Starter-rarity borderless variants were available in their respective starter decks (see the section on preconstructed deck borderless variants below).

Legacy Variants

Starting with Opus XII, three of the foil borderless (full art) available in booster packs are called Legacy variants, because they are new borderless variants of Legend-rarity cards from previous sets. They are no rarer than the other borderless cards found in each set (1 of each per master case). The list of legacy variants is below.

Set Legacy Variant 1 Legacy Variant 2 Legacy Variant 3
12 1-107L Shantotto 4-048L Locke 6-123L Minwu
13 3-017L Vivi 8-060L Fina 9-094L Fusoya
14 2-147L The Emperor 5-075L Wol 6-088L Estinian
15 9-003L Ace 9-057L Yiazmat 10-106L Ashe
16 1-141L Lightning 3-144L Lenna 9-022L Vayne
17 6-019L Firion 8-136L Veritas of the Dark 12-119L Y'shtola
18 8-049L Aerith 11-130L Sephiroth 11-136S Cloud


Preconstructed Deck Exclusive Variants

Borderless (Full Art) Variants

Non-promotional borderless (full art) cards can come from booster packs, in which case they are always foil, or preconstructed decks, in which case they come in either foil or nonfoil but never both. See the individual set pages for borderless cards found in each set's booster packs, and see below for a listing of borderless cards found in preconstructed decks.

Bordered Variants

Most card variants are due to cards being re-released in preconstructed decks, e.g., starters, trial decks, and boss decks, in sets later than the one they originally came out in. These variants are always nonfoil and generally come in one or both of two flavors, as described below.

  • Updated templates - e.g., Opus I cards found in Opus X starters have their templates updated with the Opus II, IV, and X template changes (the only known exception to this is that Opus I cards found in Opus III starters are not updated with the Opus II or Opus III template changes)
  • Updated copyright information (usually applies to cards featuring models or art from games still being updated at the time of the card's re-release) - e.g., copyright years changed from 2010-2018 to 2010-2021

All known non-errata preconstructed deck-exclusive variants, and how they are different from their originally released versions, are listed below.

Changes Key (change reference point is the original card found in booster packs):

  • IV - updated to Opus IV card template
  • X - updated to Opus X card template
  • C - copyright year or other changes to text in bottom left corner

Deck(s) Key:

  • B - Boss
  • D - Demo
  • A - 2022 Anniversary Box
  • O#/FF# - Opus #/Deck Theme (deck theme left off if only one starter deck for given opus)
ID Changes Deck(s)
1-003C Red Mage IV D,O7
1-003C Red Mage X O11
1-004C Ifrit IV D
1-009C Cloud IV D
1-010C Black Mage IV O5/FF13,O7
1-010C Black Mage X O11
1-011C Evoker IV D
1-011C Evoker IV,C O5/FF13,O8/FF7
1-011C Evoker
X O15
1-014C Samurai IV D
1-016C Tifa IV D
1-016C Tifa X,C O11, O15
1-023R Brynhildr IV O5/FF13,O7
1-030R Lebreau
1-033C Argath
1-035C Bard IV O5/FF13
1-038R Shiva IV O5/FF13
1-040C Summoner IV O5/FF13
1-040C Summoner X B, O15
1-044R Sephiroth
1-048C Devout IV O7
1-050C Knight IV O5/FF13
1-057R Duke Larg
1-065C Aerith IV O8/FF7
1-068C Evoker IV O5/FF12
1-068C Evoker IV,C O8/FF7
1-075C Chocobo IV O7
1-075C Chocobo IV,C O8/FF7
1-076C Chocobo IV,C O8/FF7
1-079R Nora X,C O10
1-083H Maria
1-088C Archer IV O5/FF12,O7
1-094R Vincent IV,C O8/FF7
1-095R Enna Kros
1-099C Black Belt IV O5/FF14
1-105C Evoker IV O5/FF14
1-105C Evoker IV,C O8/FF7
1-105C Evoker
X O15
1-107L Shantotto
1-110C Titan
1-121C Red Mage IV D,O7
1-121C Red Mage X O10
1-121C Red Mage X,C O11
1-124R Odin IV D,O5/FF14,O7
1-125R Onion Knight X O10
1-129C Gilgamesh IV D
1-132C Cait Sith IV D
1-133C Sage IV D
1-133C Sage X B
1-134R Duke Goltanna IV O7
1-135L Golbez
1-137R Seymour IV O7
1-138C Summoner IV O5/FF14
1-138C Summoner
1-138C Summoner X B, O15
1-142R Lightning IV D
1-145C Ramza IV D
1-150R Lulu
1-157C Scholar
X,C O16
1-159C Evoker IV O5/FF12
1-167C Viking IV O5/FF12
1-168C Geomancer IV O5/FF12
1-171H Minwu
1-177R Yuna
1-180R Wakka
1-183H Cosmos
1-184H Chaos
1-191S Red XIII IV D
1-196S Mog (XIII-2)
1-197S Brother
X,C O16
1-199S Paine
X,C O16
1-204S Jessie
1-215S Lenne
X,C O16
2-002C Ifrit X O10
2-005C Sage IV D
2-005C Sage X O11, O15
2-005C Sage
2-006R Sazh IV,C O5/FF13
2-009R Selphie IV O7
2-009R Selphie X,C O10
2-019R Belias, the Gigas IV D,O7
2-019R Belias, the Gigas
X,C O16,A
2-021C Montblanc IV O5/FF13
2-026L Vayne X B
2-037R Jihl Nabaat
2-041H Doctor Cid IV O7
2-043C Hurdy IV O5/FF13
2-049H Asura
2-058C White Mage IV,C O5/FF12
2-063R Paine
X,C O16
2-070R Shemhazai, the Whisperer IV O5/FF12
2-071R Rikku
X,C O16
2-072C Reddas IV O5/FF12
2-073C Dark Knight IV,C O5/FF14
2-089C Monk IV,C O5/FF14
2-098L Amon IV,C O7
2-106R Gramis
2-107C Cyclops IV D
2-108C Black Mage X,C O13, O15
2-120C Dragoon IV,C O5/FF14
2-120C Dragoon IV,C O8/FF7
2-133R Cuchulainn, the Impure IV O5/FF12
2-133R Cuchulainn, the Impure
X,C O16
2-138L Yuna
X,C O16
3-013R Amarant IV D
3-017L Vivi IV O7
3-018C Vivi
3-020H Phoenix X O11
3-027R Qator Bashtar IV O7
3-032R Shiva IV,C O7
3-033L Genesis IV O7
3-037H Zalera, the Death Seraph X B
3-040C DGS Trooper 1st Class X O11
3-041C Deepground Soldier X O11
3-042C Deepground Soldier X O11
3-049C Izana IV O7
3-049C Izana
3-056H Zidane
3-070C Oracle IV O5/FF12
3-074R Atomos IV O5/FF14
3-084C WRO Member IV O8/FF7
3-085C WRO Member IV O8/FF7
3-086C WRO Commander IV O8/FF7
3-096R Rydia X O10,A
3-099R Angeal Penance X O11
3-112H Exodus, the Judge-Sal
3-114C Freya
3-121C Blue Mage IV O5/FF12
3-123R Famfrit, the Darkening Cloud
X,C O16,A
3-127R Eiko
3-143C Leonora
4-017R Marauder C O8/FF7
4-022R Montblanc
4-026H Gestahlian Empire Cid
4-027C Bard X B, O15
4-030C Black Mage X O11, O15
4-034R Cid (WOFF)
4-043C Flan X O13
4-054L Onion Knight X,C O10
4-058C Cactuar
4-061C White Mage C O8/FF7
4-061C White Mage
X,C O16
4-071C Archer
X,C O16
4-075H Vincent X O11
4-076R Wedge X,C O11
4-093R Hecatoncheir
4-096H Raubahn X,C O13
4-115L Lightning X O10
4-120R Restrictor X O11
4-133C Viking
4-134C Brahne
4-138R Merlwyb
5-002R Ayame X,C O10
5-017C Ninja
X O15,O16
5-019L Phoenix X,C O10
5-032H Glasya Labolas
5-035C Conjurer X,C O13
5-050H Adelle X O10
5-059R Semih Lafihna
5-062L Diabolos X,C O10
5-062L Diabolos
5-066R Penelo X O10
5-077H Carbuncle X,C O10
5-082C Miner X,C O10
5-082C Miner X,C O11
5-082C Miner X,C O13, O15
5-086L Cecil X O10
5-091H Star Sibyl
5-094R Momodi X,C O10
5-094R Momodi X,C O13
5-099H Illua X O10,A
5-103R Cid of Clan Gully
5-107H Thancred X,C O13
5-114C Cannoneer X O10
5-120C Louisoix X,C O13
6-013R Selphie
6-014C Warrior C O8/FF7
6-017C Bahamut C O8/FF7
6-017C Bahamut
X,C O15,A
6-022R Ysayle
6-026C Bard X,C O13
6-027L Kuja X,C B
6-038R Hades
X,C O15
6-051C Choco/Mog C O8/FF7
6-058R Moogle (XI) X,C O10
6-065C Dark Knight X,C O13
6-067R Epitav
6-071H Krile (XIV) X,C O13
6-075R Titan C O8/FF7
6-075R Titan X,C O11, O15
6-079L Minfilia X,C O13
6-091C Black Mage C O8/FF7
6-091C Black Mage X,C O13
6-102R Ramuh
X,C O15
6-104C Dragoon C O8/FF7
6-104C Dragoon X,C O13
6-113C Summoner
X,C O16
6-126R Leila
7-001H Auron
X,C O16
7-004C Fritt X,C O10
7-005C Ifrit X O10,O13
7-017H Meeth
7-020C Lulu
X,C O16
7-028C Black Mage X O11
7-060R Bartholomew X,C O10
7-062R Hope X O10
7-069C Kolka
7-079C Geomancer C O8/FF7
7-079C Geomancer X,C O10
7-087R Exdeath X,C B
7-094R Seymour
7-103C Ramuh X O10,O11,O13
7-108H Kimahri
X,C O16
7-129H Galdes X B
8-002C Red Mage X,C O13
8-006L Cloud
8-007C Black Mage X O10,O16,A
8-020R Yotsuyu X,C O13
8-029C Bard X,C O13, O15
8-032R Shiva X,C O11
8-046R Alexander
X,C O16
8-055C Selkie
X O16
8-057C Ninja
X,C O16
8-058R Norschtalen
8-085C Marlene X,C O11, O15
8-090C Alisaie X,C O13
8-092C Alphinaud X,C O13
8-095C Black Mage
X,C O15
8-110R Reno X O11
8-115L Zidane
9-007H Gaius X,C O13
9-014L Nael X,C O13
9-020R Rhitahtyn X,C O13
9-030H Hurdy
9-033C Class Ninth Moogle
9-047C Sylph
X,C O16
9-062H Vincent X O10, O15
9-063L Gabranth
9-068H Mist Dragon X B
9-068H Mist Dragon
9-071C Bangaa
X O15
9-074C Class Tenth Moogle
9-076H Larkeicus
9-084H Kain
9-093H Bahamut ZERO
9-094L Fusoya
9-097C Class Sixth Moogle
9-098C Reeve X O11
9-108C White Mage
X O16
9-115R Porom
10-016C Class Second Moogle
10-039C Nag'molada
10-047R Echo
10-050C Thief
C O16
10-061C Class Eighth Moogle
10-086C Aldo
10-106L Ashe
10-117H Tidus
C O16
10-121C Class Fourth Moogle
11-001R Ifrit
C O16
11-011R Dadaluma
12-007C Black Mage C O13
12-007C Black Mage
C O16
12-014R Bahamut
C O16
12-024H Emet-Selch C O13
12-048R Chocolatte