Opus XIV Spoilers Review

Now that Spoiler Season is officially over and we still have a couple of weeks until the official release of Opus XIV, it seems like a good time to review what we've seen so far of the set. Steve Dolman of the YYT has kindly put together his thoughts on each card based on art design, potential meta relevance and ingenuity.


Art 4/5 - A little gratuitous, but colourful and eye catching.
Meta 3/5 - EXes that add cards rarely suck, but possibly a little too 'fair' to devote 3 slots to in Constructed, and the 'other' Ifrita isn't Pauper legal.
Ingenuity 5/5 - Very much cognisant of what people are trying to do with the old Ifrita, this card elegantly enhances the entire package.
Total 12/15

Art 5/5 - A repeated theme throughout this review is how much I love the comic-book style of the Ivalice characters. A nice departure from the standard. Illua in particular has a kind of gritty Sin City glamour.
Meta 2/5 - A cute concept, but Fire has no shortage of other ways to use its CP.
Ingenuity 5/5 - The thought of having an 'alternate' use for CP has never been better attempted, at least.
Total 12/15

Warrior of Light
Art 2/5 - A dull character devoid of personality or anything unique kind of deserves this sort of art.
Meta 1/5 - Arrived 13 sets too late to be useful.
Ingenuity 2/5 - I like cards that scale over time, but there are far more interesting things you could do with Standard Units than this.
Total 5/15

Oelde Leonis
Art 3/5 - Much more effective than the typical Standard Unit-esque background. Nice pose, detailed design, and a cool emblem.
Meta 1/5 - Probably cool for Sealed, as pseudo-3CP 9Ks often are, but there's no real reason to play this in a serious deck.
Ingenuity 1/5 - Me big man, me like pick up small man.
Total 5/15

Ifrit, Lord of the Inferno
Art 2/5 - Excellent demonic character design is undermined by an inconsistent background that frankly looks water-damaged or like it was left in the sun too long.
Meta 4/5 - Perhaps a little too fairly costed, but Fire has no shortage of spread-damage effects for this to interact with. Neat.
Ingenuity 3/5 - Damage 'buffers' have been attempted many times before, but rarely actually do something as well.
Total 9/15

Art 5/5 - It's a little bit anime in style, but it's a risk that definitely paid off. There isn't a lot of characterisation to work with in FF1, but Garland's still manages to tell a story.
Meta 5/5 - Hard-to-interact Forwards have existed for the game's entire lifetime, but few have ever had a value engine stapled onto the same card. Built for success.
Ingenuity 4/5 - The damageproof portion is done to death and fairly unexciting, but the Special and Backup-break synergy leave my mouth watering.
Total 14/15

Art 2/5 - Dark and somewhat emotionless. Hey, it's hard for characters clad entirely in armor to still have visible personality.
Meta 1/5 - Probably wouldn't be busted even if it didn't have to get broken to trigger.
Ingenuity 2/5 - 2 simply because 'unbreakable' effects are in short supply.
Total 5/15

Susano, Lord of the Revel
Art 1/5 - Another victim of the rather lifeless Primal frame. Maybe I'm missing something, maybe this will look amazing in foil?
Meta 5/5 - Undoubtedly powerful, with tons of repercussions and a niche that will always deserve filling.
Ingenuity 4/5 - Ranperre still exists. Lots of micro-combos available.
Total 10/15

Art 2/5 - It's nice to see Standard Units that aren't just chibi dudes, I suppose
Meta 1/5 - Has the potential to grow over time with Break Zone synergies, but this is quite inferior to Opus 10s Geomancer in-colour.
Ingenuity 1/5 - Filtering cards is a right, not a privilege.
Total 4/15

Koboldroid Yang
Art 3/5 - I rank this higher than most backgroundless images just because the character is so bizarre, it's quite refreshing to see in great detail. Imaginative design.
Meta 1/5 - If it scaled during each player's turn it'd still be too slow.
Ingenuity 1/5 - Oh, look, a Fire card that deals damage. Weird, eh?
Total 5/15

Art 3/5 - I grew quite attached to the artwork of Opus 13's 'Cascade' Backup cycle, with its faintly Dragon Quest charm. Nice to see this style return.
Meta 5/5 - Slots right into an established deck as a strict upgrade over Ayame. Scales well over time in long games, stomps like crazy in aggro games.
Ingenuity 4/5 - Fire deserves more cards that scale over time instead of frontloading advantage like Tenzen.
Total 12/15

Art 3/5 - A good, detailed piece of character artwork that actually suits the passionate lens flare of Dissidia. Tolerable.
Meta 2/5 - Explosive effect, but milling 5 cards adds up quickly.
Ingenuity 3/5 - Compresses a few roles quite neatly.
Total 8/15

Mom Bomb
Art 2/5 - One of Amano's weaker offerings, Mom Bomb looks more like Gossamer from the Looney Tunes than any kind of fiery threat.
Meta 2/5 - Has potential if you build around it a ton, but it's rather too fair. It'd be different if it didn't hit your own Forwards, or if you could kill her whenever you like, but Fire doesn't have enough damageproof dudes for this to be worthwhile.
Ingenuity 2/5 - Doesn't really do anything we haven't seen before.
Total 6/15

Marilis (IX)
Art 2/5 - Totally unexceptional, but better than the dodgy comic book art in Opus 11.
Meta 1/5 - Braska's Final Aeon still exists. H Rain exists. Maybe a cool budget deck, but this isn't going to shape any serious decks.
Ingenuity 1/5 - Maybe when it shoots two Forwards at once we'll talk.
Total 4/15

Art 2/5 - More or less the same pose we've been looking at since Opus 1, but this time in an Uncanny Valley FF7 Remake render. Stick to the pencil drawings, pupper.
Meta 3/5 - Weird enough to be worth paying attention to, but it isn't easily repeatable, and it isn't especially exploitable. If it was a Standard Unit (Illusionist?) with this effect, then I'd rate it a 4.
Ingenuity 5/5 - Love the concept, but I think they erred on the side of caution with regard to power level. Super fun to theory-craft, at least!
Total 10/15

Art 3/5 - I just think that it's nice to get a Kam'lanaut that isn't too dark to see, or looks like a Mick Jagger caricature.
Meta 2/5 - Big Ice needed a push, and I don't think this is enough, but I'm a sucker for cards that accumulate advantage over time. Not taking Physalis's slot any time soon.
Ingenuity 1/5 - Just a big guy who kills Dull guys – Ice has been doing most of this text forever.
Total 6/15

Gilgamesh (FFBE)
Art 3/5 - Fairly exciting and detailed character artwork, let down by the age-old trick of a shadowed character in the background. Looks better than Physalis did, at least.
Meta 2/5 - In a vacuum, way too inconsistent and slow, even with dual-element cards. Maybe we're missing a card like in the Marche-Ritz scenario that counts as all elements in all zones.
Ingenuity 5/5 - I totally respect what this card is trying to do, and attempting to make it work will be hilarious.
Total 10/15

Art 4/5 - Grimly sneering, probably the best that Kefka's persona has been captured in a card to date.
Meta 3/5 - Passable EX, very strong Action ability, relevant category. I like it a lot.
Ingenuity 2/5 - It's not really detailed enough to be super clever, really.
Total 9/15

The Emperor
Art 3/5 - Better than the Dissidia offerings so far, worse than the delightful Opus 12 pastiche.
Meta 2/5 - I assure you that 15 is a *LOT*, but there's weird potential, maybe, with...Don Corneo?
Ingenuity 4/5 - Zombie cards are always fun and flavorful.
Total 9/15

Art 2/5 - Somewhere between Geno from Mario RPG and Pinocchio. Vaguely charming in an ugly and unmemorable way.
Meta 1/5 - If it scaled during each player's turn it'd still be too slow.
Ingenuity 1/5 - How dare you stand where Cid Raines stood.
Total 4/15

Art 5/5 - The bright delight of Ifrita, but without the sexist undertones. Exemplary.
Meta 3/5 - A weird alternative to Belias in Ice. Looks good for tempo or combo decks, but the EX is hard to visualise as useful.
Ingenuity 5/5 - So, so, so much combo potential with Reynn, Lasswell, Baralai, and so forth.
Total 13/15

Good King Moggle Mog XII
Art 2/5 - The fuzzy cuteness of Moogles is distorted somewhat by (A) making them huge and (B) zooming in this much on that hugeness. General feeling is of pity, not dread, upon looking at this boss.
Meta 3/5 - We currently lack enough vibrant Moogles to make this a Tier 1 powerhouse, but the spikes of CP it can generate will warp some games unless you kill him on sight.
Ingenuity 5/5 - Incredible potential for a completely new way to design CP curves.
Total 10/15

Proto fal'Cie Adam
Art 3/5 - Vague yet detailed, mechanical yet visceral. An interesting design that would probably 'pop' more with a decent background.
Meta 2/5 - Ultimately it's just a big guy, and doesn't actually do anything that mandates playing into his 'shields'. Needed a Locke-style discard trigger to really feature in the meta.
Ingenuity 5/5 - I love what they tried to do, at least.
Total 10/15

Don Corneo
Art 3/5 - Whenever people tell you that girls don't like Dad Bods, remember that Shrek grossed more in cinemas than Magic Mike. Conveys the sleaze of the character perfectly.
Meta 4/5 - Relevant category, and a strong effect. Would be an all-time staple at cost 3.
Ingenuity 4/5 - Targeted discard cards are inherently heavily skill-based and good for game health.
Total 11/15

Moogle (XIV)
Art 2/5 - It's hard to be enthusiastic about many Standard Units.
Meta 3/5 - Sometimes free CP, sometimes it's a piece of repeatable soft removal. One to watch.
Ingenuity 3/5 - Synergy with its own, cheap, in-colour primal helps a lot.
Total 8/15

Art 3/5 - Weird to think we made it to Opus 14 before seeing Adelle's official art on a card. It's a good picture, but rather safe.
Meta 2/5 - A card to bear in mind in Bo1 formats and respect in Bo3, decklist-public formats, but not a meta staple. Basically like every other Adelle so far.
Ingenuity 2/5 - Standard checkmate thief-class faire, not much that's groundbreaking here or feasible to build around.
Total 8/15

Art 1/5 - Completely hideous, the FF11 screengrab art conveys next to no detail, sucks any emotion from any kind of pose, and voids any interesting part of the character's design.
Meta 1/5 - I can't rate it a 0.
Ingenuity 1/5 - I really can't rate it a 0.
Total 3/15

Art 2/5 - A bizarre enough design of character to be worth more than a 1, but I loathe the off-centre character model cards in general.
Meta 2/5 - Marginally better than the other scales-over-time Monsters, but only because activating 2 characters has wider implications than dealing 4k. Then again...Ochu and Zu exist.
Ingenuity 1/5 - If you like this, I guarantee there's something that does the job better.
Total 5/15

Art 3/5 - Saved from being a 2 simply because of that little beaver tooth on the Moogle. A rare example of realism working in FF.
Meta 3/5 - Not a hard Draw criteria to meet, and gives Wind some desperately-desired spot removal. Cool.
Ingenuity 4/5 - I like conditional extra text. Not much of a buildaround card, but has the right blend of potential power vs. not being an autoinclude.
Total 10/15

Tiamat (IX)
Art 2/5 - Totally unexceptional, but better than the dodgy comic book art in Opus 11.
Meta 2/5 - Character' is better than 'Forward', at least.
Ingenuity 2/5 - I respect the idea of a Chaos deck, but the power level is too low for this to be fun.
Total 6/15

Naja Salaheem
Art 1/5 - Completely hideous, the FF11 screengrab art conveys next to no detail, sucks emotion from any kind of pose, and voids any interesting part of the character's design.
Meta 2/5 - Slow, small, frail, but funny. Maybe does something with Llednar or Edge?
Ingenuity 5/5 - Looks hilarious and memey, I hope it sees play.
Total 8/15

Vanu Vanu
Art 2/5 - See this, Gessho? This is what birdmen are supposed to look like.
Meta 2/5 - Just another filtering Backup in the element with the most filtering.setup oriented Backups. Being breakable is a nice touch, maybe.
Ingenuity 1/5 - Nothing new that Echo didn't kinda proxy three years ago.
Total 5/15

Art 5/5 - Pretty, understated, eye-catching, and refined. Exemplary.
Meta 5/5 - Opus 9 Fran, this gal, and her other sister look like a helluva engine.
Ingenuity 2/5 - Backups that find Backups are the backbone of many decks, but rarely much fun.
Total 12/15

Art 5/5 - Pretty, understated, eye-catching, and refined. Exemplary.
Meta 5/5 - Opus 9 Fran, this gal, and her other sister look like a helluva engine.
Ingenuity 2/5 - Backups that find Backups are the backbone of many decks, but rarely much fun.
Total 12/15

Art 3/5 - A better protrayal of the gnarled sage than his bizarre “HUM” Opus 6 outing.
Meta 2/5 - Kinda small, kinda limited in scope, but has enough in common with other good kill-on-entry cards to be worth a look. Being searchable helps.
Ingenuity 3/5 - There are better rainbow payloads, but looks fun. Shame Wind isn't known for its colorfixing.
Total 8/15

Garuda, Lady of the Vortex
Art 2/5 - Yet another interesting design let down by a messy, over-the-top yet woefully boring background.
Meta 2/5 - Ultimately just too slow and fairly costed.
Ingenuity 3/5 - Conditional draw engine, I guess, but the level of fun she generates depends too much on what you're playing against.
Total 7/15

Art 4/5 - Virtually all Mobius art is detailed to an acceptable level. Lacks vibrancy, but otherwise pretty.
Meta 4/5 - “Play X for free” cards are always exploitable. Looks sick with BFA, Yiazmat, or 7CP Fusoya.
Ingenuity 5/5 - We'll definitely see fun decks slamming big bois off WOL.
Total 14/15

Art 3/5 - I don't normally rate no-background art this highly, but isn't that face just precious?
Meta 1/5 - It's arguably better than fringe-playable Opus 9 Golem in the right deck, but Mono Earth has been a death sentence for yeeeeears.
Ingenuity 2/5 - Just another combat trick/antiremoval card, but conditional extra text is always neat.
Total 6/15

Art 5/5 - Horrifying! A macabre boss fight is given appropriate shock-horror artwork that'd be worthy of Resident Evil. Tremendous, and memorable.
Meta 2/5 - Probably too slow, uninteractive, and Mono-limited to see play, but it might prove difficult for some deck to kill.
Ingenuity 4/5 - Zombie cards are always fun and flavorful.
Total 11/15

Art 4/5 - FFBE artwork generally meets my standards of detail and modesty. A cool character, and a nice approach towards backgrounds.
Meta 3/5 - Great special, interesting text, but limited to Mono, again. Mono Earth lacks enough payloads to be worthwhile as of Opus 13.1
Ingenuity 5/5 - 5/5 for the Special alone – I can't wait to see people lose a board to this.
Total 12/15

Art 4/5 - Decidedly manga-fied, but it's a cool risk that sticks around in my mind. I wouldn't care for a whole set like this, but I can tolerate a cool Legend now and then.
Meta 4/5 - A kind of virtual card advantage source for simple stompy decks. Will see play.
Ingenuity 4/5 - 'X must block' is an underexplored space in design.
Total 12/15

Art 2/5 - I can't smack talk the YYT spoiler too much! Put it this way, it's a 'good' 2. A little more personality than the Theatrhythm art in O10, at least.
Meta 3/5 - Slow, and a liability whenever Backup destruction is around, but does cool things with Regis and Verstael, both powerhouses in the right shell.
Ingenuity 2/5 - Devout isn't exactly imaginative.
Total 7/15

Art 4/5 - A point off the rest of my Ivalice spoiler art reviews just because it's too close up, and you don't get much sense of scale of what Ba'Gamnan actually...is.
Meta 2/5 - Not unplayable, but fairly limited in scope.
Ingenuity 3/5 - 'X must block' is an underexplored space in design.
Total 9/15

Art 2/5 - The SEC logo doesn't gel as well as it does with Heidigger's colour scheme, but nonetheless conveys a kind of corporate distopia. Cool enough.
Meta 3/5 - FFTCG can always use another combo deck, and there's a lot of micro-synergies available.
Ingenuity 5/5 - Looks fun as anything however you build with him.
Total 11/15

Muraga Fennes
Art 3/5 - A little messy and out-of-proportion, but definitely better than a blank, pale background.
Meta 1/5 - Regis-lite. Too conditional for not a broken enough effect.
Ingenuity 2/5 - Doesn't do enough to be interesting.
Total 6/15

Lich (IX)
Art 3/5 - Another distinct improvement over the Opus 11 cartoony artwork. Borders on being MTG Zombie artwork!
Meta 1/5 - No way will this see real play.
Ingenuity 2/5 - Cute concept, low energy execution.
Total 6/15

Art 2/5 - Possibly the only FF11 screengrab art in 14 sets of the game to convey any kind of emotion or nuance of character. But it still sucks – just think what she could have been if she got Ba'Gamnan's budget!
Meta 3/5 - Never underestimate Back Attack, nor the number of things she can hook into.
Ingenuity 5/5 - Fantastic and unusual text.
Total 10/15

Art 4/5 - Has the imposing doom-ridden stance of a 1980s metal album cover mascot. Iron Maiden would be proud. Memorable.
Meta 3/5 - Pay a lot, get a lot. I just wish the manikin Backups cheapened him.
Ingenuity 4/5 - Will definitely create interesting, back-and-forth games.
Total 11/15

Art 5/5 - Now THIS is how you do Tarutaru art! Turns out they're not all intrinsically hideous. Ominous and cute in equal measure.
Meta 1/5 - Way too slow and low powered.
Ingenuity 2/5 - Cute concept, low energy execution.
Total 8/15

Art 2/5 - Apart from just looking like Leyak and Unsaganashi, this doesn't gel very well with the Lightning element card frame.
Meta 1/5 - Fachan awful.
Ingenuity 1/5 - Fachan awful.
Total 4/15

Art 3/5 - More reasonable quality FFBE pack-filler art.
Meta 2/5 - Schuzelt has the Sieghart problem of having a respectable enough effect, but at a cost that's rather too slow on a body that isn't significant enough to be scary. Had he been Glauca-sized and Glauca-costed, I'd actually pay attention.
Ingenuity 3/5 - Once in a blue moon you'll feel really cool for taking a big combo turn where every 1k mattered.
Total 8/15

Art 3/5 - Call me crazy, I actually like having the Shinra logo in the background. Makes a still character 'pop' a little more than a plain background would.
Meta 2/5 - Infinitely weaker than paying 4CP on entry, but still multipurpose enough to see play.
Ingenuity 3/5 - Has enough lines of text that some of them have to be interesting.
Total 8/15

Ravana, Savior of the Gnath
Art 2/5 - Great character design let down by the strange approach to centering, the muted colours, and the lack of life.
Meta 3/5 - A hint towards a more combo-centric way of playing Lightning cards in general. Has a chance to shine, but isn't an auto-include anywhere without significant buildaround.
Ingenuity 5/5 - I definitely appreciate what they tried to do with Ravana – I expect that building a clever deck around his four-armed attack will feel exceptionally rewarding.
Total 8/15

Art 5/5 - Yup, pretty much all of the B&W drawings really shine for me. Ewen doesn't have a lot of spoken lines in FFTA2, but his demeanor is perfectly summed up through the art, and that's all I ask for.
Meta 5/5 - Opus 4 Orlandeau is a great card but costs too much to fit in, 9 sets later. If Viking can see play and deal points of damage sometimes, this will too.
Ingenuity 2/5 - Not exactly 'new' text, but combos with a billion things.
Total 12/15

Art 2/5 - Cool costume, totally standard card art.
Meta 1/5 - Water already has a billion filtration cards.
Ingenuity 1/5 - Basically same as a lot of other 4CP Backups this set.
Total 4/15

Art 3/5 - Dominant and sneering, a good approach to villain artwork in general. Has more life than any Ultimecia in FFTCG so far – but we want more!
Meta 2/5 - Probably too fair for its cost, but has neat interactions with Viking and whatnot.
Ingenuity 5/5 - Villanous and open to neat combos – big fan.
Total 10/15

Art 2/5 - :3
Meta 3/5 - Summon recursion and a perverse kind of search, all on a relevant category at a fair cost. Neat.
Ingenuity 4/5 - Simple, small, synergistic. Charges up Ifritas and Forward Bahamut nicely, fetches you a nice target for Citra.
Total 9/15

Art 3/5 - Probably the best Ultros art in print – the O9 Legend and Theatrhythm common are too vague.
Meta 2/5 - Ultimately, not enough Ultros cards in print are unfair enough for this to be worth abusing. Whyyyy can't the cards go to the Break Zone to scale up Opus 9 Ultros?
Ingenuity 4/5 - Say the line, Bart: Zombie cards are always fun.
Total 9/15

Leviathan, Lord of the Whorl
Art 2/5 - Another bland example of character screenshots. The art undersells both the legend rarity and the card power, and the background doesn't work in its favour.
Meta 5/5 - Excellent boardwipe potential and a must-answer threat all in one. Just what water needed to make Bounce feel respectable.
Ingenuity 4/5 - Combos with a million things. Super cool potential when he lives.
Total 11/15

Art 3/5 - Cute, and much better proportioned than the old Opus 3 model artwork.
Meta 1/5 - Not enough A-tier Monsters, not enough unfairness generated from bending your deck around it.
Ingenuity 4/5 - I mean, nice and flavorful potential, at least. Will be cool to see someone do it once in a while.
Total 8/15

Sahagin (XIV)
Art 3/5 - Great, considering it's a Standard Unit! Ties in beautifully with its aquatic deity, and has good scale and focus.
Meta 4/5 - Powerful with Leviathan, powerful when fishing for draws or Exes.
Ingenuity 3/5 - An elegant, simple, and fun way to offer card selection.
Total 10/15

Art 3/5 - Cute and simple. Backgroundless card art probably works better the cuter/simpler the character is.
Meta 1/5 - Garbage. We've had better cantrips in Adamantoise since Monsters made their debut.
Ingenuity 1/5 - Doesn't feel very 'Tonberry', to be honest.
Total 5/15

Art 4/5 - Multi-character artworks rarely disappoint. Beautiful detail and a captivating scene.
Meta 4/5 - Each time I theorycraft with this guy, he gets better and better. Strong card selection, excellent scalability.
Ingenuity 5/5 - Seems like the most fun card ever printed to mess about with. Akstar, anyone?
Total 13/15

Art 3/5 - Excellent colour and a menacing pose. Shame about the lack of a background.
Meta 2/5 - Far too fair. Would need to topdeck any Forward and cost at least one less to be relevant all the time.
Ingenuity 3/5 - A cool list of effects, at least.
Total 8/15

Art 1/5 - This kind of artwork wasn't acceptable for Trion in Opus 5, and three years has not softened my opinion. Has the potential to be a pretty foil, at least.
Meta 4/5 - Apart from the prohibitive cost, being able to two-for one away from removal while diminishing your opponent's board sounds great.
Ingenuity 3/5 - Definitely offers enough branching decisions to be fun.
Total 8/15

Art 4/5 - Perhaps just a little too monochrome to be a 5/5 (I am aware of the irony after rating the Ivalice cards). Great pose, and hopefully a harbinger of similar art in sets to come.
Meta 4/5 - A 4, but a low 4. Rather a large target on its head, and can feel like a dead weight against some decks when the on-entry does nothing. Strong in the right room or assumed metagame.
Ingenuity 4/5 - Sometimes you'll play this and feel incredibly smart.
Total 12/15

Art 4/5 - More pretty FFBE art. Detailed without being gratuitous, and in perfect scale.
Meta 4/5 - Citra grants consistency, Machérie grants explosiveness. Some Summons will REALLY appreciate her reductions.
Ingenuity 5/5 - Tons of potential with discount Phoenixes!
Total 13/15


Art 5/5 - Ominous and monstrous, you can practically feel this beast through the art. Sublime.
Meta 4/5 - Grants inevitability in a much cooler way than Behemoth K, but is too expensive to be an autoinclude.
Ingenuity 2/5 - It's just a big guy who deals damage – not tons to be inventive with here.
Total 11/15

Art 3/5 - An iconic scene, so there's that. Doesn't mean a lot to those without a history with FF7, perhaps.
Meta 3/5 - Will fluctuate wildly in power whenever a Cloud worth playing enters the format in these colours.
Ingenuity 3/5 - Kinda just a searcher, it's hard to get too excited about a reinvention of Opus 2 Paine. Playing Clouds is neat when you can line it up.
Total 9/15

Art 3/5 - For once, a killer background let down by more rude FF7 character who won't look into the camera. Stop taking style tips from Cid Highwind!
Meta 3/5 - Bunch of Haste on top of a Minwu effect will probably feel oppressive at first, but I see this being a card that the game will stabilise around. Will probably age well as Avalanches get printed.
Ingenuity 4/5 - I am dreading the day he lets you turn any card in hand into the same Special, over and over.
Total 10/15

Art 4/5 - Ivalice art seemingly can do no wrong. Very pretty, great use of colour, and moody enough for his character.
Meta 3/5 - Another aggressive card, eh? I'd like him more if he could freeze Backups.
Ingenuity 3/5 - There's a lot he can stick into play, for sure, but I think he's quite limited in playstyle.
Total 10/15

Art 5/5 - One of Amano's best, Zeromus's art captures the inhumanity fo the character brilliantly.
Meta 4/5 - Agile and flexible – two very good signs for competitive use.
Ingenuity 2/5 - Haste and resource denial are hard to derive much innovation out of in the long term.
Total 11/15

Art 5/5 - Rivals the FFCC Full Arts last set for having a delightful alternate frame. Gorgeous and eye-catching.
Meta 5/5 - Finds Backups, finds a few Forwards, generates a ton of CP. Water/Wind is spoilt for choice.
Ingenuity 3/5 - A fairly limited card pool means you're not going to see too much variety in Vaan targets.
Total 13/15

Art 3/5 - Simple in layout, but really works with the Water/Wind card template.
Meta 5/5 - Already busted in YRP for replaying Paine and Zidane.
Ingenuity 4/5 - Tons of combo potential if you want to overlook the YRP staples.
Total 12/15

Art 4/5 - A risky 4. Doesn't have the magic or mythos of Amano's art, but fits the vaguely fairytale/pantomime nature of FF9 perfectly.
Meta 3/5 - Does a LOT against a few decks, whereas the Opus 3 Zidane does a considerable amount against every deck. In the right room, devastating.
Ingenuity 5/5 - Definitely more fun than any other Zidane in print.
Total 12/15

Art 5/5 - Tremendous energy and delightful colour – further proof that being from FF11 isn't an artistic death sentence.
Meta 2/5 - Hopefully revives good ol' Wind/Earth toolboxy decks somewhat, but she's rather fair considering her 'no Sybil' clause.
Ingenuity 4/5 - Lots of potential for cool things happening.
Total 11/15

Art 1/5 - Even the joy of a burly birdman is completely downtrodden by how ancient the FF11 graphics look.
Meta 3/5 - Only playable under the assumption of Edge on the field. In generic Fire/Lightning, probably a 2/5.
Ingenuity 2/5 - A card with a high skill cap, but a fairly limited ceiling of fun.
Total 6/15

So there we have it - a little over half of the set spoiled so far, some very strong cards in there already and there are typically a fair few big cards kept under wraps to be discovered at release. I would say Opus XIV is shaping up to be very interesting overall!